About Us

Studiofiftyfive is a family of crafters who take great pride in the products we create.  We enjoy watching our customers react to seeing their special item for the first time.  

We started out at a few local craft fairs with boutique clothing and machine embroidered, personalized items such as sweatshirts and Christmas stockings.  Through the years we’ve expanded our product lines to include upcycled items such porch planters and bottle lamps, printed items such as glass ornaments and coasters, as well as handcrafted items such as decorator blocks, travel pillows and spray paint art.



Our goals:

· Provide our customers with truly unique gifts.  We don’t hesitate to change or alter one of our designs to fit customer requests.

· Superior service.  We work non-traditional hours and strongly believe in being flexible to meet customer needs.  Rigid business hours often make it difficult for customers to get the products they want.  We meet our customers at mutually convenient places and times rather than forcing them into the traditional brick-and-mortar store method of shopping.   Shipping can also be arranged, at an additional cost.




Everybody has a story.  Here’s ours.