Auntie Pat’s Toddler/Travel Pillows

Want a nap buddy for your toddler?  Need a travel pillow to make that car or plane ride a little more comfortable?   Our 12 x 16 inch travel pillows are made in the USA and have just the right amount of “squeezability”.  Characters, designs or solid colors are available for you to choose from.  Many pillows have a contrasting cuff, which can be customized to highlight a design or to give you that feeling of individuality.

When ordering, indicate your choice of:

Pillow case body:

· Character, sport, sport team  or theme

· Solid color  or pattern


Pillow case cuff to contrast with the body:

· Character, sport or theme (with solid body)

· Solid color  (with character or sport body)

· Pattern (with solid body)

· No contrasting cuff